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Back Support Belt - Stomatex

Si Belt

leg support  This back support helps prevent     muscle damage caused by over     exersion after periods of inactivity..

leg support  Helps to facilitate good posture by     preventing a slouched position in     the lower back.

leg support  Prevents muscle damage caused     by over exersion after periods of     inactivity..
Stomatex Back Support Belt

The Lumbar & Back Support SI Brace is an elasticated back support that provides excellent support for the lower back and sacroIliac joint.

The joint formed at the junctions between sacrum and the Ilium bones of the pelvis.

The sacro-Iliac joint can be a source of lower back pain. (SI joint).

This back support is made from Stomatex® which balances the body's heat, keeping back warm whilst venting excess body heat.


"One Size Fits All" - Fully washable + easily fitted

Back Support Belt

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