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Mayflex 6000 Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Knee Brace

leg support  Luxurious grade memory foam     mattress for extra comfort,.

leg support  Supports the spine, and reduces     pressure on the joints.

leg support  Relieves and improves back pain.

leg support  Encourages correct posture and     spinal allignment while sleeping

leg support  Removable knitted fabric cover can     be easily removed to be cleaned.

TheMayflex 6000 Memory Mattress

The Mayflex 6000 memory foam mattress quickly responds to the body and conforms to support and cradle you in sleep.

As the memory foam envelops you the pressure on you hips, shoulders and back will be supported and evenly distributed.

The luxurious comfort and support this mattress delivers will result in a more restful sleep.

This mattress also comes with high quality quilted removable cover. It is fully breathable and is easily washed and replaced.

Sizing Guide

190 x 91cmx 20cm (3Ft) Single
190 x 137cm x 20 4'6" (Double)
198 x 152cmx 20 5'0"(King Size)
198 x 182cm x 20cm 6'0" (Super Kingsize)

10 year guarantee on memory foam.

Mayflex 6000 Mattress

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Mattress Size:

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