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Elbow Support - Stomatex

Elbow Sleeve

leg support  Lightweight in design and made     from breathable Stomatex fabric.

leg support  Has high elasticity to provide exactly     the right level of support.

leg support  Easy Slip on design.

leg support  As recommended by the NHS in     the UK.

Elbow Support

This elbow support can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time.

This makes it ideal for the treatment of repetative strain injuries, minor strains, and chronic degenerative conditions.

Constructed from Stomatex this material expels perspiration through micro chambers to keep the knee dry & comfortable with full range of motion.

This elbow support is designed to help prevent injury and to provide relief from existing minor & mild elbow injuries.

Sizing Guide

Small  9" - 10" (23.2-25.7cm)

Medium 10¼"  - 11" (26.0-28.3cm)

Large 11¼"  - 12" (28.6-30.8cm)

Xtra large 12¼"  - 13" (31.1-33.3cm)

Elbow Support

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