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The Stomatex Back Support is able to overcome the problems of perspiration and over-heating traditionally associated with...

Back Support Belt

Back Support Belt
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The Sports Lumbar Wrap gives the lower back the support and warmth while giving you the confidence to do all the things you ...

Sports Back Support

Sports Back Support
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This Neck Support inflates to suit the profile of the individuals neck & requirements. This product applies pressure to reduce and prevent cervical ....

Neck Support

Neck Support
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Things you should know about Back Pain & Back Supports

Many of us suffer from back pain at one time in our lifes. Very common back complaints are lumbago, slipped disc, sciatica, herniated disc, facet syndrome, sacro iliac joint pain degenerative disease or spinal stenosis. Chiropractors osteopaths and physiotherapist  allare very effective treatments for back pain. Awarness of back care and good posture is essential for a healthy back. Many back complaints lead to hospitalisation and surgery where rehabilitation is required.

Back supports SI Belts provide valuble support to the lower back and SI joint, our sports back support  provides a high level of support , protecting the back when carrying out heavey work or during periods of high intensity exercise, where the strain is placed directly on our back.

Our back braces / supports are manufactured from Stomatex which has many advantages.  By imitating the process of transpiration used by leaves, Stomatex® is able to overcome the problems of perspiration and over-heating traditionally associated with the use of closed cell foam materials such as Neoprene. It can therefore ensure that the body heat, blood flow and compression remain consistent during a wide range of activities.

Reflecting the rate of physical activity, the chambers create a self-contained microclimate, allowing cooler, drier air to pass through at a controlled rate to keep the skin free of perspiration and maintain an ideal skin temperature over an extended period of time.

Neoprene which has holes punched through it has been employed in many applications over the years, primarily because until now there has not been a better alternative. While it has advantages over traditional Neoprene in certain circumstances, the size and formation of the holes significantly reduce the insulation value resulting in condensation of sweat and cooling of the skin. It also causes significant changes in the material's compressive and elastic qualities.