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The Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - The UK's No.1 Adjustable Pillow
Take A 60 Night Trial - 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!!

Complete Sleeprrr - Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow

Whether you suffer from neck pain, sleep apnea, or require luxury comfort, the CompleteSleeperrr
prevents you from ever having a pillow that is too high, too low, to hard, or too soft! Just a pillow
that is perfect for you!

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee! - Take a 60 Night Trial Today!

leg support  The only proven pillow that allows     you to truly customise the height,     shape, slope and softness levels to     suit.
leg support  Revolutionary Patented design     features 'higher' and 'lower' sides,     removable surface noodles, and     reworkable inserts that provide     maximum individual support and     optimum comfort for side and back     sleepers, plus it is suitable fo users     of  all body shapes and sizes!.

leg support  Channels in the corefoam surface,     combined with the open - weave     inner cover, allow air to circulate,     for cooler, healthier sleep.

leg support  Made using our unique luxury grade     memory foam - it's open cell     structure prevents overheating
    that traditional memory foam     pillows suffer can from . Anti -     Allergenic and Anti - Dustmite     properties make it ideal for     sensitive users.

leg support  As sold by Chiropractors, Physios,    and Osteopaths, it's perfect for neck    pain sufferers, as it allows you to    achieve true spinal allignment, no    matter what your body size.

Pillow Review featuring the CompleteSleeprrr

The Adjustability of the CompleteSleeper makes it easier than ever before to ensure you achieve natural spinal alignment whether sleeping on your back or your side. It has had remarkable results for people who have suffered from neck pain, back pain, and cervical spondylosis.

CompleteSleeprrr Adjustable-
60 Night Trial!

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Remove memory foam noodles to soften neck pillow surface

Made-to-Measure -This amazing pillow has two easily removable inserts allow you to change the shape and height to suit your comfort and postural needs.

This takes the risk out of your pillow being too high, too low, too hard or too soft.

You can also change the surface density of Complete Sleeprrr to suit your own comfort needs. For an even softer feel simply take out the foam 'noodles' that are positioned within the channels in the pillow's surface.

Customize your CompleteSleeprrr Neck Pillow

Head Diagram For Memory Foam Pillow CompleteSleeprrr with both inserts in, ideal for average and above-average frame persons
Head Diagram For Memory Foam Pillow The 2 removable inserts allow you to change the shape and height to suit your personal comfort needs. It's your choice.
Head Diagram For Memory Foam Pillow Longer necks, simply leave in one insert under the neck, on either side, and remove the other
Head Diagram For Memory Foam Pillow Smaller physiques, use without any inserts under the neck for the comfort and support mix that's right for you.
Head Diagram For Memory Foam Pillow With both inserts out it's now ideal for back sleepers who want to keep the spine in alignment

CompleteSleeprrr -
The No.1 Adjustable Orthopeadic Foam Pillow

The Complete Sleeprrr is an advanced memory foam pillow which is fully adjustable to suit your needs.

This unique memory foam pillow allows you to adjust the firmness, height, and slope so literally one size suits all.

It is constructed from premium grade memory foam so it provides luxurious comfort and excellent support.

Complete Sleeperrr - Neck Support Pillow

Designed to help alleviate and  avoid neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness in both 'new' and 'old' injuries.

This pillow is also available a heavier density Memory Foam Plus version - for average and above average physiques & for those needing a 'full bodied' pillow for firmer support.

Sizing Guide

Size: 38 cm wide x 52 cm long x 12 cm & 11 cm high

CompleteSleeprrr Adjustable-
60 Night Trial!

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