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Knee Wrap Support

Knee Wrap

leg support  This knee wrap is lightweight in      design & has breathable soft fabric.

leg support  It offers knee support through     compression to relieve pain and     promote healing.

leg support  Comfortable and easy to wear over     an extended period.

leg support  Suitable for light strains, stiff and     painful joints.

leg support  Provides relief from the     everyday aches and pains.

Knee Wrap Support

This knee support is made from Stomatex a light-weight, elasticated knee support suitable for mild knee/patella strains and sprains.

It has adjustable velcro straps which enable the user to tension for increased compression and support.

This knee wrap provides great level of support while allowing continued flexibility of the knee joint.


"One Size Fits All" - Fully washable + easily fitted

Knee Wrap Support


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